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Matt Hardy

They are no match for Lily Rose's powers as she rescues people and animals with her telekinetic ability and does away with those who seek revenge for her past actions.

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She aligns herself with the town's vigilantes and animal protectors, Hardy and Estelle Johns, hoping to use her gifts to help animals, her passion. However, when she is abducted by two men and told to help them rob their drug boss's safe, her life takes a sudden, unexpected turn. One of the robbers and the drug boss are killed, and Lily Rose flees with the remaining thief.

She survives the abduction and takes the windfall for herself and her beloved dog, Misty. But is that really the end of the story? Sheriff Mitch Downey has fallen for Lily Rose, and he doesn't care what she's done, so when two crooked FBI agents try to steal the drug money for themselves, he must find a way to make it work for Lily Rose!

Hardy Johns, beloved small town veterinarian turned vigilante, follows an animal killer with the intention of ending his days, when the killer drops dead, leaving a black plastic bag containing a dead child instead of the expected town pet, and it throws Hardy for a loop.

Already under suspicion for his activities and not wanting to become involved, Hardy calls his friend and sometime conspirator, Detective Mitch Downey, to the scene, and Mitch finds only the dead man and an empty bag, and Hardy believes he might be losing his mind. Estelle, Hardy's wife, is befriended by a star-faced doe, who persists on leading her through the woods to Estelle's old house, which she has rented to Handyman Jack, the Ripper.

Mystified by the creature's actions, Hardy and Estelle decide the doe is a messenger attempting to communicatebut what?

Living With Animals/ Hardy's Truth by Boyer, Nellis (ISBN: 1440156727)

Mitch is constantly harrassed by Marge Maguire, who replaced him as sheriff of Coombsville, and he makes a pact with Jack to do away with her in exchange for Mitch's silence. Jack has murdered several of the locals for no reason other than rage, and Mitch has figured this out. Hancock House by Nellis C. When he looses his job, his marriage disintegrates, and his father has a debilitating stroke, Andy throws up his hands and moves back to California and the house where he grew up, hoping to help the old man mend and heal himself.

Melvin, Andy's father has a remarkable recovery, due largely to Andy's good work, and Andy discovers there really is no place like home. Memories of his happy childhood surround him , and when he discovers the Hancock House mansion across the street is about to be torn down, he tells his dad about Louie, the skeleton in the attic, and Melvin makes him tell the police. From there on, murderous behaviors come to light, Andy is reunited with his childhood sweetheart, Annie, now a forensic pathologist with the county, and a strange lady in black arrives in town, stalking Hancock House, seeking the bodies of her dead children.

Frustrated by animal abuse that goes unpunished in his community, beloved town veterinarian, Hardy Johns, turns vigilante and takes matters into his own hands, wielding swift and deliciously appropriate justice on behalf of the abused. Estelle Greenwood, Hardy's wife helps, as sheriff, Mitch Downey looks the other way.

This time however, the action attracts the attentionof the FBI, and Estelle's friend, handyman, Jack, the Ripper, takes over from there. Who is August Binwalter by Nellis C. Tortured by an inner certainty that he is not a Binwalter, August struggles to discover his identity before Alzheimer's disease drags his mother into oblivion.

The old man shook the bag and grinned, watching in perverse pleasure as his captive swayed with the effort of standing upright. Lester stepped off the porch and approached the creature. He stopped just short of her reach and held the bag out so the animal could smell the food.

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And then he spit into the dry dirt, kicked it into the dog's face, and folded the top of the bag shut. Hardy squeezed the trigger, his bullet catching Lester between the eyes, spinning him like a top and dropping him flat. Newly married to Dr. Scroll down for video. Tom Hardy greets reporters with his arm around labrador mix Woody at the Legend premiere last night. Now considered one of Hollywood's most talented performers, Tom has certainly had his ups and downs in the past.

My dog was looking into my eyes as she died: the grief of losing a pet is real

He battled an addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine in his 20s and divorced his first wife Sarah Ward in The star - who has an seven-year-old son from a previous relationship - went on to star in blockbusters including Inception, Mad Max and more recently, Legend, and is now happily married and expecting a child with actress Charlotte Riley. But one constant however, has always been Tom's devotion to dogs; either his own, helping to rehome others or rescuing strays, literally, from the side of the road.

Tom found Woody in , while filming Lawless in Atlanta. He spotted a homeless dog running loose on the highway and sprang into action.

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The star caught the dog, naming him Woodstock or Woody for short , and then brought him home to London. Tom poses for pictures with Woody, the dog he rescued from the side of the road in Atlanta, at the Legend premiere. In April of this year, speaking about his love of dogs, Tom told Details that he didn't believe in chance, or 'coincidence' - that fate had brought him together with every dog he's ever loved.

In Febuary , he made his feelings about man's best friend abundantly clear.

enter site I have a dog and a son. The first great canine love of the actor's life, however, was Max - the late labrador mix he got when he was Tom in , posing with Max, the first great canine love of his his, who he got when he was Just another day on a movie set Tom and Woody demonstrate Dumbo ears behind the scenes while filming Legend in It's love!

The actor relaxes between takes on the set of Legend with his faithful hound, Woodstock. The picture of Tom and Woody, taken on the Legend set above , was so adorable that animal rights campaigners PETA used it to encourage people to adopt from animal shelters rather than buy from breeders.

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He may have a tough guy image on screen, but the star who's played monstrous villains like Batman's Bane, reveals a far softer side when talking about his pets. When Max passed away in , a devastated Tom told the Irish Central: 'My dog and son recognise me no matter what. Actually, my dog's dead now so he won't. We had him cremated. I might put him in a pillow. Tom shared a selfie with Woody in to help raise money for homeless charities in Cambridge. The actor shares an affectionate kiss with a puppy while filming The Drop in His dog's death came in the same year he filmed in post-apocalyptic active movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

Brilliant dog.

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at Tom's finest canine moments, from cosying up with his dogs over the years to highlighting discrimination against pitbulls and encouraging the rest of the world to love the animals as much as he does. Already a big screen hunk who has legions of female fans, knowing this hard man has such a soft side will no doubt get even more hearts fluttering. The smooth-shaven star cuddles a very scruffy looking pup on the set of Legend in East London in Three is never a crowd for the Mad Max star, his wife Charlotte Riley and his dog Woody, as they pose at the Blag clothing launch in London in