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There is also some of my infographic creations. I wish you a good visit.

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This site presents part of Artworking of the painter Duaner. Some are on sell. Official WebSite of the painter Duaner where you'll find his biography,paintings,news and contacts. Portrait et parcours de l'artiste. Images d'Atelier. Essential to portrait painter Bo Bakker's very realistic and lifely portraits is the unconcerned moment.

Assuming that a definition have any sense, the artist'style could be stated as non traditional figurative. Amongst this techniques, that one of the distemper on sand is particulary noticeable. Digital photography and photographic art by Stephan Earl featuring landscapes, erotic art, music, fotos de Guatemala and more! Visit our online giftshop for art posters, prints and greeting cards featuring images from the gallery. The Watercolour Gallery - watercolours by the painter Nigel Scragg created from a passion for colour, light and nature. Des dessins, portraits et peintures d'imagination.

The site is divided into 3 parts: oil paintings, works on paper watercolors , and trompe-l'oeil. Presentation de quelques tableaux du peintre provencal Monique Veyssiere. Raku and traditional arts in Allainska. Site de l'artiste-peintre Jorje figuratif expressioniste. Ghislaine Giustiniani is a burgond painting artist. You may visit oils on canvas and watercolors on her site and known her next exhibitions.

Landscapes, characters, adventure, fantasy, science-fiction E-cards and wallpapers free. General website with a part for paintings. We offer high quality oil painting reproductions and portraits from artists such as van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Vermeer and others at very affordable prices.

Bibliography of Mesopotamian Astral Science

Sensational nude art, large deco art paintings and gold plaqued byzantine icons. Heaven of art lovers! Modern Paintings, discover the gallery of modern paintings with a colorfull French artisit, Michel Clary. Contemporary painter. Mainly erotic paintings. Some of the last painting created by J. Dressed cats and dogs. The artist presents his works and other artistic presentations from various events. Peinture d'empreintes d'instants sur. Vente en ligne de peinture et sculpture abstraite. Peintures abstraites ou figuratives, illustrations, gravures, photographies, sculptures, objets design Gingerbread gallery - Art gallery haitien,pictures, sculptures, mahogany furnitures pieces, typhanie lamp, lithographies, engraving Art Gallery for prints and illustrated books.

Lithograph and etchings by the XX century masters.

Lectures, 174, janvier - février 2012

Professional german painter C. Original oil, acrylic and mixed media surreal paintings. Images and curriculum vitae. To learn how to make a portrait in three blows of pencils. Daniel Karl invites you to discover his drawings and portraits, sublimated by the mere beauty of nuances of black and white.

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He now works in a more abstract mode. Phantastic Realism. Tatiana Guerreiro, artiste peintre, symbolisme figuratif abstrait. The paintings of abstract art. Personal exhibition of contemporary paintings oil ad wax representing symbolic and abstract characters. Figurative oil-base paints: Navy, landscapes, portraits, macros. Figuratif and surealist petry painter. Michel Barbette artiste peintre de l'imaginaire. Jean-Pierre Duvaleix came to painting by the means of publicity and in particular poster.

He feels neither impressionist, neither figurative nor abstract, but a little at the border of all these movements. His paintings are between dream and reality. On ne regarde pas un tableau de Bernard on tombe dedans!

Denechaud invites you to visit the site of his works. Oil on canavas , watercolors and pastel used to create atmosphere of landscape but also portrait etc Figurative : Drawings, oils and different techniques. Website about the nomadic artist Guillevic. There are two main parts: the first one with the presentation of Guillevic: biography, bibliography, press Website of Dominique Paul Strubel, painter of Strasbourg, France: paintings and art performances, oil, acrylic and photography, presented in galleries of photographs.

An exeptionnal site, you can see my works in progression, every week my latest work is added to the most recent exhibition, the studio on a boat in Amsterdam, is very interesting and shows may works of a great quality. Fine art gallery of abstract oil paintings for sale including landscapes,still life, portraits, flowers, nudes and more.

Portraits showing the beauty of the woman. Michel Lein welcome you to visit his gallery of portraits of women made with pastel.

Katibîn - Portail de l'Islam : Actualités, Buzz, Infos Islam !

Welcome to an universe of colors,beauty,charm,sensuality and mystery. Browsing our online art gallery you will discover an impressive collection of religious icons and oil paintings for sale.

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L'aquarelle puis plus tard l'huile, sont ses modes d'expressions. His work, as he points out, has no concessions to the "politically correct", it is a long journey into an inhabited world of characters put brutally on show. Since the beginning, I paint the individual and the masses, the rough material and the light, the crowd roaming, the parallel ways, the mystery of origins and of death. The "seuils", the cracks, which make us eternal dissatisfied wanderers Jean Delor, a self-taught painter who has always been fascinated by pictorial expression.

Delor's work reveals a talent for mastering the art of colour and the fire border between light and shade. Watercolours of the south of France Typical landscapes, old villages, ponds, edges of sea Naive fine art by Helene Rozenberg. Flashback on her paintings. A unique collection of pictures of this painter , favoured by Anatole Jakovsky. Catz presents his pictures. Peintre amateur. Painter - Florist and professional musician. Un artiste contemporain coloriste vous presente une partie de son oeuvre You can find also wallpapers, screensavers and other free gadgets.

Le sens des mots - La connotation et la dénotation

Official site of Dutch painter and photographer Mark van den Hoven. Contemporary Chinese and European oi paintings. This space offers you a complete access to traces of nowhere, a web site dedicated to painting exposure and other artcraft. Over exclusive paintings in photorealistic, realistic and impressionistic styles. Located in Moldova. The Transfigurative and Esoteric Art of A.

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Andrew Gonzalez. Featuring beautiful sensual visionary paintings and prints of the sacred feminine.